Hand forged carbon steel knives and tools
Hand crafted cutlery
Hand dyed jute twine
Hand spun natural fiber ropes and cords
Turned wood and acrylic pens


Located in Columbia, SC.
We just moved to SC and while updating we noticed the pictures have disappeared from the server.
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This is me at work.

The steel is glowing!

Hello and welcome to my website. I grew up with an appreciation of fine cutlery and I also like to make things. It was only natural to eventually merge the two together. My knifemaking started in 2002 when I wanted an expensive production bowie knife. Fate kept me from buying it because whenever I had saved enough money, it was needed elsewhere; like to fix a car or buy an unexpected tank of heating oil. During one frustrated night, I was on the internet looking at knives I couldn't afford when I stumbled upon Blade Forums. Here I found a maker's forum and fell in with the crowd there. One post pointed towards an easy tutorial called The Jonesy (now hosted by www.hossom.com, Thank you!)

Two months later I hand cut, hand filed and hand sanded my very first knife. It was ugly and misshapen but it cut and cut well. I set it aside and started making my first bowie. I had hand filed the bevels for over a month with little progress when I decided to buy an inexpensive 4"x36" 1/3hp grinder to speed the process. Shortly after that I needed an inexpensive drill press. My ruination had started. Today I now have a Coote 1hp grinder with variable speed, drill press, forge, anvil, buffer, bandsaw, numerous files, lots of 1084FG steel from Aldo, hammers, tongs and gallons of quench oil. If I had taken all the money I have spent on tools, I probably could have afforded that knife I wanted several years ago.


Happy Hammering.

Red hot steel under the hammer.
I started forging when I figured out that I could shape the steel into the knife I wanted, saving both steel and grinding belts. I met up with several members of Blade Forums at a hammer-in at Indian George's in New Bedford, MA. I was shown how to make my own forge, how to shape hot steel and how to make cable damascus. If it wasn't for the patience and guidance of Indian George and others like Joe Brum, J. Neilson, Mace Vitale and Bill Vining, I wouldn't be able to make the knives I make today.

Santoku style knife with Purpleheart wood handle.

1086 Slim knife with Micarta and sheath.

Forged File knife with curly ash handles and sheath

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